Ohio University–#1 Party School!


Congratulations to all current students and alumni of Ohio University! We have done it again, two years in a row as being the number one party school in the nation. That truly is an accomplishment. Tell your parents and tell your future/current employers. In fact, put it on your resume.

Now that the sarcasm is out of my system, let’s really think about what it means to be the number one party school in the nation. Really? Nothing. It means absolutely nothing. It means that based on some random polling and obscure statistics, Ohio University has reached some level of intoxication unlike any other public university.

I don’t mean to say that I am necessarily offended by this ranking. I have spent my time here at OU working extremely hard to get where I am today and this ranking doesn’t change that. What it does change, however, is how people look at this institution. How people accept, or rather don’t accept, that even though the bar scene is great here, our academic standing is still incredibly strong.

That is something to be truly proud of and for which to fly a banner. Ohio University has a strong tradition of academic integrity and excellence. That is what we should be celebrating and ensuring our rank across the nation. Why is the university itself not portraying this image better to the outside world–or even to us as students? Why are students and alumni so excited to be number one in this with no concern for being in the top 20 for anything else?

So, I implore you–whoever you are–to think about those questions over your next drink at the Crystal. Enjoy your time–if you happen to be an OU student–here and take part in everything this university has to offer. I mean that seriously though. Undergrad is a truly unique experience. But, think about what you are working toward. Being the number one party school can’t be your only goal for your time here at OU can it? Maybe I’m wrong though.



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