First thing, welcome.

Second, let me share a little about myself with you. I graduated from Ohio University (Bobcat4Life) where I studied Economics, History, and Information Systems. I’ve worked with small business from central and southeast Ohio as a development consultant and also worked with Deloitte in Washington DC where the focus was on large international finance institutions. My professional experiences have brought me to a place where I have a passion for small organizations and mentoring younger professionals as they find their place. Both require a unique set of skills that is part learned, part obsession, and part inherent.

In my short life so far I have been blessed to travel and experience a lot of things. It has shaped me in a way that I never thought possible but it also means that I have a lot to share.

You have entered a dangerous place. The internet and the lovely people of WordPress have given me my own sanctuary for wordsmith-ing. A place where I am free to write what I think without any true fear of anyone being offended. Keep in mind though, these are just my thoughts. My rants about what I experience. My own thoughts on the world. So, with that, please enjoy.


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