Monday Motivation


ImageHere I sit with only one month left of undergraduate education remaining. It’s a strange place in life. I have learned most everything that I can from my four years in school. I don’t have a degree yet. I have a lifetime of practical and formal education remaining. I have a great resume but little validation considering my graduation date is still in the future. So, I ask myself, what does it all mean?

It means ambiguity. It means that you are a single brand/product with the ability to define who you are and what you do. My experiences have led  to this point and it is ultimately up to you to decide where you go from here–unless, of course, you believe in some sort of extreme divine planning.

The challenge, however, comes when working toward greatness. Some choose mediocrity and I suppose I have to accept that as their choice. But why settle? To use the old adage:

Shoot for the moon for if you miss you will land among the stars

Despite the astronomical misinformation of the quote, there is some value in it. Goals should not, in my opinion, be easily attainable. Be ruthless in your effort to reach those goals though. Do not stop until they are met and do not be satisfied until they are surpassed.

Sometimes we each need a little pep talk to make it through the day. Especially Mondays. I hope this can act as a sort of rally speech for you and that some sort of purpose can be found as you finish out the day. Good luck and God’s speed.




Create Value not Noise


I remember a time when the super Bowl was known for great football and great commercials. The Patriots and now World Champion Giants held up their end of that equation. A game that came down to the final pass after starting with a safety gave fans of the game a reason to stick around as well as something to talk about for weeks afterward too. What left me, and I’m sure many others guessing, was the lack of creativity and originality shown by most companies in their advertising during the mecca of all commercials. Considering the expense of ad space during the Super Bowl, I am baffled that any company would waste their very expensive 30 seconds on something so bland.

That being said, several companies took full advantage of their spotlight to create a memorable experience for viewers. On behalf of General Motor, Clint Eastwood empowered Americans with a  two-minute pep talk that inspired us to bounce back and take advantage of who we are and what we doo.

“This country can’t be knocked out with one punch. We get right back up again, and when we do, the world will hear the roar of our engines. Yeah, it’s halftime America, and our second half is about to begin.” (It’s Halftime America)

It was also my opinion that Doritos continued to used customer inspired commercials to reach their consumers close to home (Doritos Commercial). Acura also hyped up the value of their newest model the NSX with Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno competing for the first NSX off the line (NSX Commercial). While neither of these had the emotional punch GM carried, their creativity and humor created a lasting memory that I guarantee will carry over in sales numbers.

Considering most people will never have the opportunity to work on a Super Bowl Sunday ad, what do these commercials have to do with everyday career moves? As a professional, people are constantly given opportunities to create value. These opportunities can be rare for some and numerous for others but what really matters is how one capitalizes on the opportunities. Companies have one opportunity each year to advertise during the Super Bowl and as we saw, some fail and some are victorious. The challenge for everyone is to use every opportunity to grow and create long-lasting value. It may bot be a multi-million dollar advertisement but I guarantee that value creating opportunities carry their own proportional worth.