5 Rules to Owning Social Media


ImageIt seems that social media accounts are being used for everything these days. Political, social, personal, professional, and even advertising. How many people think about what their social media profile is saying about them though? These accounts give people the opportunity to create a truly global image from their palm, but they also give people the power to ruin their reputation permanently. These five simple rules are sure to give you the social media presence that will get you attention and esteem.

Say Something
It really defeats the purpose of having a social media account if you never take the time to update it. Say something about something. Take a stand. Post an article. Make a joke. If people never have the opportunity to read what you post, because you are not posting, then you are missing an incredible opportunity to be heard and to make a difference.


Social media is, however, more than just putting something out there. No one really cares that you are getting out of bed now or what you ate for breakfast. They want you to make an impact. They want you to share something new and valuable with them. They want to learn. Sometimes, though, they just want a good laugh. Social media gives you an outlet to spread your opinion–or corny jokes–to a mass market so take advantage of that and give people something that they wont forget. Shake up the world.

Lern 2 Spel

No one wants to have to decipher your post because you can’t take the time to spell check or because you believe there is some inherent value in spelling at a first grade level. Proper grammar, spelling, and usage makes a world of a difference and gives you that much more credibility over someone who does not take the time to read their work before hitting submit. Final point on this, prepositions are not words to end sentences with.

Take a Stand

Rarely do people want to read an article or a post that is merely relaying information. They are interested in where you stand on a matter. Use social media to take an active stance on the issues that matter most to you, no matter what they are. People are not going to necessarily believe the same things as you, but by opening up the dialogue you create a forum for discussion that gives everyone the opportunity to grow.

Be Mindful of Your PosterityImage

Once you post something on the internet, it is there forever. More than that, your online image is everything these days. Employers now more than ever are using social media to determine if a candidate is worthy of what they are offering. Keep this in mind every time you post something. Each blog, tweet, image, and status truly will haunt you forever.